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kio in trevigiano significa chilo, l’unita di misura del peso, di forma cilindrica od esagonale per bilance, rivisitato in cemento con un foro adatto per candele diametro 2cm e candele a coppa diametro 4cm

kio in Treviso means kilo, the unit of measurement of weight, cylindrical or hexagonal shaped, revisited in concrete with a 2cm diameter hole suitable for traditional candles and 4cm diameter hole suitable for cup candles

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La confezione contiene n.1 Kio, contiene anche 4 feltrini adesivi.

The package contains n.1 Kio, it also contains 4 adhesive pads.


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Weight 0.82 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 9 cm


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